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WG Room Radio Eavesdropping Protection


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Eavesdropping devices come in a variety of different forms, and the Countermeasures equipment available has traditionally been designed to be specific for a particular type of device.

This meant that an investment in several different pieces of equipment was necessary; making the cost of equipment high; however, investment and development in our technology brings a simple yet powerful solution to protecting your meetings.

WG Room Radio Eavesdropping Protection is a new concept in audio/video counter surveillance protection, offering 24 hour on-line protection of your most important rooms.

Whether you are being 'attacked' by radio listening devices, Mobile Phones (GSM, 3G),
Bluetooth, and WiFi you can be confident that your meetings will be safe.

Distributed intelligence means that several rooms can be simultaneously
monitored across your network, even remotely, using the software's ability to
make a secure connection to the internet.

Real-time protection means that should the threat be brought into the protected
meeting room, detection will be instantaneous and alarms can be audible,
graphic or sent using email or SMS messaging.

User Benefits

  • Simple operation;
  • Detects all analogue and digital transmitters;
  • Integrated sensors optimises;
  • detection of suspicious;
  • devices;
  • Real time monitoring;
  • Signals can be filtered out, making it easier to interpret results;
  • User friendly set up;
  • Network compatible;
  • 24/7 protection;
  • Battery back up in case of power failure.

Sensor Inputs & Outputs

External power: 2.5mm centre positive
Network: RJ45, Ethernet
Alarm outputs: Green, Blue, Red LEDs, audio

Sensor power

External power: 12v DC @ 4A, reverse polarity, over voltage and over
current protected.

Sensor mechanical

Sensor size: 280mm x 200mm x 110mm
Sensor weight: < 2.5kg

Sensor approvals

EU EN300 440-1, EN301 489-3
FCC Part 15 B, unintentional radiators

For Full Specifications please download the product datasheet PDF.

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