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Acoustic Defence Systems

Enforcer - Underwater Communication & Diver Disruption System

Westminster International's Enforcer systemThe threat of terrorist attack on ports, harbours, offshore platforms, oil & gas installations, shipping and coastal facilities is today sadly, a real and growing concern to all maritime countries and one which could severely affect their economic stability, not to mention the catastrophic loss of life and damage to infrastructure a serious terrorist attack could lead to.

It is an acknowledged fact that terrorist organisations are now training operatives in diving techniques and the risk of attack on facilities from diver teams is now very real and the need for an integrated marine defence programme has never therefore, been greater.

A wide range of defence solutions can be deployed to detect and respond to such threats including radar, sonar and anti diver nets etc. but in addition to these measures it is important to be able to provide a means of communication and if necessary, disruption to any divers detected in the area.

Westminster International's Enforcer System is an acoustic marine defence application that is designed to work in conjunction with other diver detection systems such as sonar etc. Enforcer is both an underwater communications system, and a high powered acoustic disruption system which can be used to 'warn off' or if necessary, 'disrupt' any unauthorised divers detected in the protected area.

The Enforcer System can be deployed as a permanent installation for the protection of coastal and maritime facilities or supplied as in rapid deployment version for the temporary protection of shipping whilst anchored etc.

Underwater Communications System

Level 1

Enforcer provides the operator with the ability to communicate with any divers that may be approaching a restricted area, either by the use of a microphone or automatically by pre recorded security announcements. The system will provide clear, powerful messages up to a distance of 800m. Initially, a loud warning siren sound may be transmitted through specialist speakers, strategically installed in the water. This is then followed by a warning message from the operator.

If the intruder continues to ignore the warning and violate the area, Enforcer's response programme may then be escalated to carry out level two of its process.

Diver Disruption System

Level 2

The operator decides when to activate level two of the Enforcer system. By activating this process, Enforcer can be programmed to send high powered disruptive frequencies to the speaker array sets, which in turn blasts powerful 'disruption' signals in to the water. The frequencies are designed to have a maximum disorientation effect on the diver, which are likely induce a sense of discomfort or panic causing them to leave the area or surface for interception Should the diver remain in the water, the frequencies are likely to have a continued adverse affect which could cause sickness and confusion.

Transmission System

The Enforcer transmission is built in to a 19" rack, and offers state of the art high powered transmission equipment. The system is operated via the Enforcer software platform operating from the systems PC. The PC is a dedicated computer configured by Westminster International to enable specific operations; Additional features are available to provide mapping and site specific graphics.

A desk mounted/switch operated microphone is supplied to provide underwater communication to a diver.

Technical Specification

  • Speaker Quantity: 3 per array
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • Audio Output: Front and back of speakers

Restricted Issue - Further information available to bona fide organisations

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