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Pedestrian Gates/Turnstiles

Pedestrian Swing Gate

Pedestrian access gates provide peace of mind in today's uncertain world. They control the movement of authorised users and deter those not permitted on to site, or into an
enclosed or restricted area.

The Semi Automatic Pedestrian gates, combined with an electric lock and automatic closing device, can be fully integrated with a range of access control systems such as card, push button, keypad or intercom, providing secure
and managed entry and exit to factory premises and leisure facilities.

Pedestrian Gate, picture


The new generation of multi-functional full and half height turnstiles - ideal for all applications are also available. Incorporating the very latest in modern design
and styling to ensure maximum convenience and easy to use. Our units are manufactured from mild or stainless steel (optional) for lasting and maintenance free performance.

Basic features, such as 90 degree or 120 degree rotor assemblies, canopies, down lights and fire alarm activation to engage free rotation, are all available to suit your individual requirements. A range of access control systems, such as card, push button, intercom or keypad, provide secure entry and exit for restricted areas. Corporate colour schemes can be applied to the turnstiles, often at little or no extra cost.

Pedestrian Turnstile, picture


Please download the product datasheet for more infomation.

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