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Weapon & Metal Detectors

MWestminster International's Metal and Weapon Detection Introdetal & Weapon Detectors are extensively used to provide security to buildings and secure areas by scanning individuals for weapons and contraband.

Most people will be familiar with their operation in airports, government buildings and banks, etc.

Walk-Through and Hand-Held Metal Detectors are increasingly being used with great effect in shops, offices, theatres, nightclubs, sports stadiums, etc., indeed anywhere there are concentrations of people or where the risk of an attack is a possibility.

People only purchase metal detectors because of a potential threat of violence or to protect valuable assets. The fact that you are reading this means that you are either an existing user of metal detectors, or are contemplating purchasing one.

Westminster's Sales Team will be happy to advise you on an appropriate model according to your exact needs; which will enable you to make an informed decision to which technology and specific model would suit your organisation.

Read more below to learn more about our Metal Detection solutions:

Walk-Through Detectors

Westminster offers a wide range of Walk-Through Metal Detectors to enable flexibility for your desired application and budget. Walk-Through metal detectors vary in customisability and feature set; some providing pre-programmed preferences with variable security levels (e.g. from low-security distribution centres to high-security aviation applications), whilst others vary in their ability to pinpoint metal to a specific area within the gate. For example, Westminster's advanced multi-zone WTs18 carries auto-calibration programmes and 18 independent zones of detection to help reduce unnecessary full-body searches which helps to increase passenger throughput.

Modern detectors fall under two general categories, single-zone and multiple-zone. They operate using either the pulse induction or continuous wave technique. They can be either continuously active or sensor activated. A continuously active detector is never deactivated, whereas, sensor activated units employ an opto-electronic device, usually infrared (IR), that deactivates the detection circuitry until the IR beam is broken by a person passing through it. Be wary of sensor activated technology as security can be easily breached.

The single-zone technology that has been in use for more than 30 years is being superseded by multi-zone technology. In multi-zone detectors the archway is divided into a number of horizontal zones. This allows the height at which a weapon is being carried to be displayed. Each zone, in the case of a true multiple zone detector, can be considered as an individual metal detector that has been housed in a single frame assembly. The sensitivity of each zone can be precisely controlled. The multiple- zone concept can be extended further by subdividing the horizontal zones into three sectors. This permits the location of a weapon to be precisely pin pointed. In addition to showing the height at which it is carried it also identifies if it is in the center, left or right of sector of the detector.

Both single and multiple-zone detectors transmit low intensity magnetic fields that interrogate metal objects that pass through them. A transmitter generates the magnetic field that reacts with the metal objects in its field and a receiver measures the response from this reaction. Pulse induction detectors typically have a transmitter panel and a receiver panel with a cross piece that separates them. Pulses of magnetic energy are repetitively generated by the transmitter and pass through the person being screened to the receiver panel. When passing through a multiple sensor continuous-wave detector, the person being screened is scanned from both sides by a continuously oscillating magnetic field.

Hand-Held Detectors

Hand-held metal detectors, whether used on their own or in conjunction with other scanning systems such as walk through metal detectors, are an inexpensive and invaluable aid to the provision of security at the entrance to buildings and secure areas.

Westminster can offer a wide range of hand-held detectors to suit almost any situation from simple easy to operate scanners to deep search mine and contraband detection devices. Westminster can also provide discreet pocket-sized scanners, which can easily fit under a suit, for close protection and other door security staff or scanners which vibrate only for more covert operation.

Ground Scanners

Ground Scanners are typically used for the detection of metal and/or mines. Variations of Ground Scanners come as either hand-held instruments with detector coils situated at the base; or as vehicle-based scanners. Vehicle-based scanners are typically used for covering large areas for the search of buried land mines.

Ground Scanners are often utilised by Military Personnel, for example, to clear a path so they can advance into new otherwise uninhabitable territory.

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