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B.O.S.S II - Body Orifice Security Scanner

The B.O.S.S II is a non-intrusive method of detecting objects concealed in body cavities. BOSS II makes prisons safer for inmates and staff. Since 1996, B.O.S.S. (Body Orifice Security Scanner) chairs have been used in some of the toughest jails and prisons in America to detect unwanted metallic contraband objects hidden within the body cavities of detainees and inmates.

Overview of the B.O.S.S. II

After close collaboration with correctional facilities across the United States, we have implemented new features into the BOSS II to further meet and exceed the rigorous demands correctional facilities require.

The Body Orifice Security Scanner is a fast, non-intrusive, reliable, inexpensive, and simple to use scanning system. It enables non-intrusive scanning of anal, vaginal, nasal and oral cavities.

It detects single-sided razor blades, knives, hacksaw blades, shanks, nails, drill bits, tools, bullets, etc.

Possible stabbings and slashings are reduced because fewer weapons enter and circulate within the inmate population.

Prior to transportation inmates can be scanned for handcuff keys and paper clips.

A handcuff key is detectable at a distance of 6 inches (150mm) from the sensor.

Because the inspection is non-contact, officers and institutions are protected from the liability issues that can arise from unnecessary invasive cavity searches. This is particularly important in juvenile facilities.

  • Westminster International's Body Orifice security Scanner IIProven Effective in America's Toughest Prisons;
  • Multi-Zone Security Metal Detector;
  • Eliminate Stabbings and Slashings;
  • Fast, Harmless, Safe, and Sanitary;
  • Avoid Lawsuit Liabilities;
  • Protected by U.S. patent.

Five Detection Zones

  • Oral / Nasal Cavity;
  • Abdominal Cavity;
  • Anal / Vaginal Cavity;
  • Leg / Shin Area;
  • Foot Area.

Applications of the B.O.S.S. II

  • Prisons, Jails, and Detention Centres;
  • Customs and Border Patrol Facilities;
  • Precious Metal Mines and Refineries;
  • Coin Counting Facilities;
  • Protect against violent crime and lawsuit liabilities;
  • Non-intrusive;
  • Sanitary Body Cavity Searches;
  • Loss Prevention Applications;
  • Jewellery and Watch Manufacturing;
  • Computer Component Manufacturing.

General Features of the B.O.S.S. II

  • Visual and Audio Alarms;
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain;
  • Wheel Kit for easy mobility;
  • Hi / Low Master Sensitivity Switch;
  • Harmless to Pregnant Women;
  • (Optional) Back Up Battery Kit.

B.O.S.S. II Scanning ZonesFive Zones Full Body Scan System

  • Oral / Nasal Cavity Scanner;
  • Abdomen Cavity Scanner;
  • Anal / Vaginal Cavity Scanner;
  • Lower Leg Area Scanner;
  • Foot Area Scanner.

Security Features of the B.O.S.S. II

  • Instantaneous detection of all conductive metals;
  • More consistent detection than security walk-thru or handheld metal detectors;
  • Safe non-intrusive, non-contact search method.

Optional Battery Kit Available

The optional battery kit and standard wheel kit enable the B.O.S.S. to be used in the field and remote locations. The battery will last for up to 8 hours.

Easy to use digital keypad control

The B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanner is equipped with an easy to use digital keypad control. The menu system is intuitive and secured by a user definable password. The digital signal processing circuitry enables the B.O.S.S. detector to discriminate for either targeting or rejecting different types of metallic objects for optimal security screening.

Boss Detection zone comparison chart


Specifications and Dimensions
HeightLengthWidthWeightPower Requirements
41" (104cm)36" (91.4cm)22" (55.8cm)138lbs (63Kg)110/220 VAC

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