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CP Single View Body Scanner

The most effective threat and contraband imaging solution for objects located on or in the Human Body.

Conventional Walk Through and Hand Held metal detectors cannot detect non metallic weapons, plastics, liquid explosives being carried on the body, under clothes or in body cavities or prosthetic devices by terrorists; or smugglers using body cavities or ingested containers to carry drugs or precious stones.

The CP Body Scanner overcomes these limitations by providing detailed images that identify items that are both concealed ON the body under clothes and IN the body and also within prosthetic devices.

CP Single View Body ScannerThe Body Scanner makes it possible to detect any kind of cold arms or fire weapons, explosives and/or terrorism means, drugs as well as precious stones and metals either concealed under the cloth or swallowed or hidden in the anatomical cavities of the human body, for example, swallowed drugs in condoms etc. harmlessly for the inspected person.

The full body scanner is able to detect objects concealed on and inside the body of an individual in less than 7 seconds.

The solution is based on transmission X-ray technology which eliminates the need for pat-down searches as well as dramatically increasing checkpoint efficiency.

The advanced technology used, makes screening safe for operators and individuals being scanned.

The standard radiation dose of less than 0.25 μSv per scan which is 400 times lower than the dose received at a regular medical X-ray chest inspection. It is compliant with ANSI 43.17-2009 regulation and justifies its use for general public.


  • Built in Privacy Software;
  • Capacity to upgrade to Dual View after installation;
  • Consistently faster passage through checkpoints;
  • Flexible - 3 different scan settings;
  • Fully software compatible with most Access Control Systems;
  • Inspection of shoes without removal - passenger friendly;
  • Maximizes security and eliminates need for physical searches including persons with cast devices;
  • Multi screen and remote viewing compatible.
  • Radically low radiation dosage for single inspection;
  • Safe - Meets ANSI 43.17.2009 standard;
  • X-ray images with absolute passenger privacy.


  • Airports, Seaports, Railway and Bus Stations;
  • Cross Border Control for Police or Customs;
  • Prisons - Control of Prisons, Visitors and Staff;
  • Sensitive sites such as Nuclear Power Plants, Military remises and Embassies etc;
  • Security of VIP's.

CP Images





Drugs in Condoms












The CP Body Scanner has been designed to overcome the limitation of conventional metal detectors by providing detection of dangerous and prohibited items. A non exhaustive list of objects and substances detectable with the Single View Body Scanner:

  • Any objects that can be considered as dangerous;
  • Chemical and biological materials in containers;
  • Components of blasting assemblies - detonators, wires, etc.;
  • Electronic devices;
  • Food & Drinks;
  • Liquid explosives;
  • Narcotics (including swallowed);
  • Plastic explosives;
  • Precious stones and metals;
  • Weapons, bombs, guns, knives etc made of metals, ceramics, plastics, wood and other materials as well as any objects that can be used as weapons needles, nails, scissors etc.

CP Body Images








  • Computer Hardware: CPU 3.4 GHz, 4GB 5DRAM, 500GB hard drive, HD graphics accelerator, DVD ± RW/CD-RW;
  • Digital X-Ray Detector: 832 pixel L-shaped array;
  • Dimensions, max: L2,260mm x W2,000mm x H2,470mm;
  • Duty Cycle: 100%-24hrs continuous operation;
  • Features: colour overlay, auto filters, brightness/contrast;
  • Humidity: 10%-90%, non-condensing;
  • Image Manipulation: Zoom up to 200x, b/w reverse, edge enhance;
  • Monitor: 24"108 0P LED, full body display;
  • Operating Temperature: 0-C -45-C;
  • Platform Capacity: 272 kgs;
  • Power Supply: 110-230 VAC+10%-15% 50/60Hz, 15 Amp, 0.9 kVA;
  • Pre-set Scanning Modes: 3 independently configurable modes, LOW,MED,HI;
  • Scanning Speed: Fully adjustable 7-15seconds;
  • Software: Windows 7 Professional 64bit,
  • CONTEST diagnostic/remote access software, documents;
  • Weight: 750kg;
  • Wire Detectability: 32AWG (0.01mm / 0.004");
  • X-Ray Dose / lnspection: Fully adjustable 0.10µSv- 2.0 µSv.



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