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WG 4C Passive Body Scanner

The WG 4C Passive Body Scanner detects metals, plastics, ceramics, liquids, gels and powders. It can be used as a standalone body screening system or incorporated into wider security architecture. WG 4C

The system uses a passive approach that ensures completely safe and non invasive screening by measuring the natural TeraHertz energy emitted by all individuals and their surrounding environment.

The WG 4C Passive Body Scanner uses aligned CCTV and TeraHertz cameras that provide the system operators with real time images of the individuals being screened.

The WG 4C Passive Body Scanner will screen stationary individuals at a distance of 3.5 metres, making it practical and convenient for security screening applications.

During installation the system is set at an angle 25 ˚, this angle enables full height screening of an individual to be optimally achieved; the floor pole on which the unit is deployed also serves to position the unit at the correct height. In combination, the installation angle and the height of the unit ensure optimal detection, with the focus being centred on the midriff of an individual.

The system is designed for indoor operations within an environmentally controlled facility; the unit is compact and portable, which makes it ideal for simple and rapid redeployment between locations as required.


  • High quality Terahertz visible band imaging for easy to use, accurate detection of concealed objects;
  • Safe and non invasive passive screening technology with no capture or recording of intimate body details;
  • Reliable detection of metals, plastics, ceramics, liquids, gels and powders in real time;
  • Full height imaging of a person at a distance of 3.5metres;
  • Automatic target detection functionality to assist operators in identifying potential objects of interest;
  • Suitable for indoor operation in environmentally controlled facilities - with floor mounted installation;
  • Available as a stand-alone screening capability, with software for viewing single/multiple units;
  • Integration into a wider security architecture; SDK for integration into broader security solution.


  • Physical size: L660.4mm x W546mm x D213mm;
  • Weight: 24kg;
  • Operating Temperature: 5˚C to 45˚;
  • Relative humidity: 95%, non condensing;
  • Input voltage: 90V AC - 264V AC, 47/63 Hz;
  • Power Consumption: 130W;
  • Environmental Rating: IP52, NEMA rating of 5,12 and 12K;
  • Imaging distance: 3.5metres;
  • Terahertz Imaging Display: User selectable black and white, colour options.

Sensors and Imaging

  • Field of view: W700mm x H1700mm @3.5 metres;
  • System sensors: 0.25 THz passive sensing array, Colour CCTV camera (1280 x 720);
  • Frame Rate: 6 Hz, CCTV and THz data correctly aligned and overlaid.

Integration Options

  • An SDK is available to facilitate the system integration with a broader security solution;
  • Multiple units can be viewed in the default software platform supplied with the system.


  • Range of installation brackets;
  • Wheeled mobile trolley unit, with integrated battery;
  • Durable laptop.

WG 4C Image



WG 4C Full height imaging
















WG 4C thermal Terahertz body scan imageWG 4C Image x2

  • Mobile phone, dark region; concealed under left sleeve;
  • The automatic target detection function outlines the phone and belt buckle;
  • Full height screening, floor to shoulder of a man 1.9 metres tall;
  • CCTV image with individual standing stationary at 3.5metres from unit during screening.

Floor mounted WG 4C

A complete screening capability is achieved by asking a person to turn 360˚in front of the unit.

Floor mounted WG 4C

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