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WG Body Passive Terahertz Scanner

Westminster International's WG Body Passive Terahertz Scanner.The WG Body Passive Terahertz Scanner (WGBPTS) is a passive security body screener that scans individuals covertly without the use of x-rays for concealed contraband and threat objects.

The imaging technology is entirely passive; the images of objects concealed under clothing are formed by detecting terahertz waves naturally emitted by all objects on individuals.

The individuals being scanned anatomical details are not revealed within the mages produced.


  • Airport security;
  • Border control;
  • Corporate security;
  • Customs agencies;
  • Government security agencies;
  • Military establishments;
  • Police authorities;
  • Seaport security;
  • Special event security.

Operating Technology

Terahertz waves occupy part of the electromagnetic spectrum between radio waves and infra-red (heat). We are all surrounded by terahertz waves; they are naturally emitted by all objects and people.

Similar to infra-red waves, terahertz waves can be used to form images of objects and people.

But like radio waves and unlike infra-red waves, terahertz waves pass through opaque materials such as clothing, packaging and even certain building materials.

The WGBPTS utilises a new terahertz imaging technology using sensitive terahertz wave detectors and compact optics.

This system uses the natural terahertz waves produced by individuals and objects to form images of concealed contraband and threat items without revealing anatomical details of the subject being imaged.


  • Passive imaging: Concealed objects are imaged in a safe radiation-free manner, without illuminating people with any form of radiation. This avoids many regulatory barriers associated with public use;
  • Non-invasive: Anatomical details of the subject are not shown;
  • Non-metal and metal objects: Both non-metal and metal objects concealed under clothing are imaged, including: narcotics, ceramics, plastics, metals, etc;
  • High throughput screening: People are imaged over a range of distances; they are not required to stand stationary inside an imaging enclosure, or at a particular 'set spot'. This minimises impact on screening throughput due to security 'bottlenecks';
  • Rapid deployment: The system is 'plug and play' and compact. This greatly assists deployment and portability in operational environments (indoors and outside);
  • Simultaneous digital CCTV and terahertz concealed object image display.

WGBPTS system

  • Camera unit incorporating passive terahertz imaging technology and digital CCTV, for mounting on user's external pan/tilt unit;
  • Remote control software package for user's PC for image display/capture;
  • The WGBPTS camera unit provides the user with two simultaneous real-time images of the subject: i) terahertz concealed object images, ii) digital CCTV images;
  • Image display and data acquisition is carried out using WGBPTS control software on the user's remote PC, connected to the camera unit using an industry standard Ethernet link;
  • Images may be stored or displayed and optimised in various colour/grey scales;
  • Concealed objects are imaged in high contrast;
  • Anatomical details of subjects are not shown;
  • The imaging unit may be ceiling, wall or floor mounted on the user's external pan/tilt unit;
  • The subject is not illuminated in any way;
  • The system may be used for various imaging applications in diverse operational environments;
  • X-rays are not used.


  • Minimum imaging distance: Approx 2.5 metres;
  • Maximum imaging distance: This distance depends on the size of the concealed object and can be greater than 10 metres;
  • Field of view: Approx 1 metre x 1 metre at 5 metres distance;
  • Weight: 32kg; Dimensions: H 663mm x W 235mm x D 764mm;
  • Power consumption: Approximately 160W;
  • Power supply: 100-240V ac 50/60Hz;
  • Mounting points: Suitable for ceiling, wall, or floor mounting, with or without external pan/tilt unit;
  • External connections: Ethernet, and IEC C14 mains connector (it is provided with IEC C13 mains lead);
  • Communication with remote PC: Industry standard Ethernet link;
  • Software platform: Microsoft XP™ operating system (on user's remote PC).


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