WG IS X-Ray Scanners - Computer Based Training (CBT)

WG IS Computer Based Training (CBT) is a two part Operator and Simulator Course designed to enhance operator threat detection and x-ray image interpretation skills.

The CBT is provided on a CD or via online link for convenient training on any standard computer or laptop.

The Operator Course includes a comprehensive review of x-ray screening, and a walk through of Advanced Operator Control Panel (AOCP) and software functions.

In the Simulator Course, the operator is given a series of 12 screened images and uses a simulated AOCP to manipulate the image and determine if there is a threat. CBT is available in both Single View and Dual View training.

With an extensive image library of more than 1,000 images and detailed operator reports, the CBT is a highly effective operator training program.

Operator Course Topic

  • X-ray Basics- covers the fundamentals of x-ray screening, x-ray safety precautions and image interpretation
  • System Operation: Demonstrates the system’s core parts, common operator errors, and how to effectively navigate the features and controls;
  • Inspection: Describes the step by step process to view and inspect x-ray images using various image adjustment functions;
  • Image Processing: Reviews advanced functions such as Threat Image Projection (TIP), Picture Perfect, Atomic Number etc. and how best to utilize them for heightened image assessment.


  • Continuous Training: Repeat training and custom simulation exercises;
  • Flexible: CD software for convenient testing at any location;
  • Improved Throughput and Threat Identification: Operators become more effective screeners with quicker object and threat recognition abilities;

Results Oriented: Simulation exercises target operator weaknesses to improve performance.


  • Training available for all systems;
  • Flexible, self-paced instruction;
  • Detailed training reports;
  • Extensive image library;
  • Realistic screening simulation;
  • Repeatable exercises;
  • Secure records management system;
  • Unit exams.

Course Specifications

  • Applications: Initial and Recurrent;
  • Delivery Options: CD or online link (COMPUTER NOT INCLUDED);
  • Estimated Seat Time: Operator Course: 2-4 Hours, Simulator Course: 5-10 Hours; Image Libraries: Mailroom, Checkpoint, Hold Baggage;
  • Language: English.


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Aviation & Airport Security

  • Security screening operations
  • Access & Entry Control
  • X-Ray Scanning
  • Perimeter Security