WG IS1818DV Dual View (320kV) Pallet & Cargo X-Ray Scanner

Westminster Code: 10214


WG IS1818DV Dual View (320kV) Pallet and Cargo X-Ray Cargo Scanner has a tunnel of 181 cm width and 180.7 cm height (71.3″ x 71.1″) with a steel penetration of typically 80 mm.

The Scanner utilises both dual view technology and high powered generators for improved image screening and increased penetration.

It has a low conveyor height of just 33.7 cm (13.3”) and can support 3,000 kg (6,614 lbs) of cargo without compromising throughput speed, adding to the efficiency and security of any facility or transport hub.

TSA Air Cargo Screening Qualified Technology Listed (ACSQTL)

X-Ray Scanner Features


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