Aviation & Airport Security

The huge growth in air travel has made every Airport a potential terrorist target and it is now a key area where intense security is an absolute requirement.


The Aviation industry is therefore no longer considered a safe, non-political global transportation system moving goods and people safely from one place to another but rather a potential liability that exposes all nations to the threat of terrorist attack.

Terrorism of course is not the only threat facing Airports and the international aspect of flight means that air travel is often used for criminal activity such as drug and contraband trafficking.

Airports and the Aviation industry now require specialised security solutions to meet elevated threat levels to assist in the identification of suspicious activity amongst passengers and staff in and surrounding Airports.

Westminster’s wide portfolio of Fire, Safety, Security and Defence solutions and expertise in the provision of Airport Security Services (AvSec) and equipment is helping to protect Airports and the travelling public throughout the world.

Westminster provides Airport Security Services including security screening operations and integrated security solutions to minimise these risks by implementing Access Control to secure areas and Entry Control to protect and control vehicle and pedestrian access to airside and other secure areas.

Advanced CCTV surveillance systems to monitor both inside the terminal and the outer perimeters are essential and advanced analytics equipment can be deployed to automatically detect unattended baggage and suspicious behaviour.

CCTV surveillance of Airports is a specialist activity particularly where large numbers of cameras are involved and Westminster has the expertise and experience to design and implement such systems including the provision of Control & Command rooms – a critical aspect for the efficient operation of Airport surveillance.

Detection of debris and the repair of damage to runways are essential for the safe take-off and landing of aircraft; Westminster offers solutions to allow effective maintenance and automatic detection of potential debris threats.

To ensure the safety of passengers, staff and cabin crew, an extensive range of Security Screening products is available for the detection of Metal, Weapons, Narcotics and Explosives. Our Integrated Control and Command Systems allow personnel to monitor and control every aspect of security within the Airport environment.

The protection of airside and restriction of unauthorised access, particularly to aircraft, is a key element in the provision of Airport security – this includes the security of the Perimeter as well as airside generally.

As Airport Perimeters are normally several kilometres in length this can often be a challenge. Westminster has a range of specialist solutions for protecting long range Perimeters including Fencing and Specialist Detection systems, Long Range Surveillance and Ground Based Radar for the detection and tracking of any intruders.

In many countries corruption and collusion can compromise security. To counter this we can provide specialist and highly trained teams to run or monitor the Control Room activities.

We can also provide aviation security (AvSec) personnel to carryout the screening of passengers and their luggage, operating the scanning, screening systems, luggage searches and passenger pat downs, ensuring an efficient and reliable screening is taking place at all times. Visit Westminster Aviation Security Services Ltd a global provider of security services and training to airports and the aviation industry worldwide.

We can also provide Secure Escort Services, Transport and Personnel, for aircrews travelling between the Airports and Hotels. Westminster’s close protection teams are highly trained ex-British Forces personnel and provide professional, discrete but effective protection.

We can also provide a secure ‘meet and greet’ service for businessmen visiting foreign countries – the service will provide for the safe reception of the guest at the Airport and the transportation to Hotels etc. together with local information and support if required.

We can also provide Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Public Address Systems, Evacuation Systems, Secure Communications and Radios, Passenger Information Display Systems, Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles, etc.

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