Critical Infrastructure Security Solutions

It is vital to protect Critical Infrastructure assets that are essential to the functioning of society and the economy.


Critical Infrastructure includes facilities for generating electricity and its distribution, oil & gas distribution, water supplies, agriculture, transport, tunnels, bridges, health provision, financial and security services, among others.

These facilities need to be protected to a very high level at all times, any damage to these services can cause disruption, loss of revenues and loss of life.

Risks and threats include natural disasters such as earthquakes, severe weather and flooding, as well as sabotage, civil unrest, war and terrorism.

Attacks on Critical Infrastructure can take the form of physical attacks to Buildings and people, or electronic attacks, either internally or via internet-facing computer-based networks.

Critical Infrastructure can be protected using a wide range of Westminster’s solutions including Perimeter Security, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Intruder Detection, Access & Entry Control, Leak Detection and Ground Based Radar to prevent unauthorised access and malicious damage.

Signalling cables running alongside railway lines and power cables are a common target of theft, the result of which could have severe repercussions – Westminster has solutions available which can be deployed for the protection of such assets.

Water distribution could be a target for terrorist activity and so should be protected accordingly.

The physical elements of Critical Infrastructure are often located in remote areas and as a result are particularly at risk from Fire. Fire Detection and Suppression solutions help to protect personnel and property from the dangers associated with the outbreak of fire; whilst Temperature Sensing and Strain Gauge Sensing are used to monitor the environment within critical facilities.

In a world where electronic attacks are becoming ever more wide spread, we can provide a range of solutions for Cable & Network Security to protect valuable systems and computer data from misuse or sabotage.

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