Oil & Gas Security

Oil & Gas are among the most critical energy sources throughout the world and the security of such is high on the agenda of both producers and users alike.


Whether an incident is due to an accident, a natural disaster, theft or terrorist activity the results can be catastrophic both financially and ecologically.

Increasing prices and surging worldwide demand coupled with increased criminal and terrorist activity means that protection of these vital assets is now more important than at any time in the past and the complex and extended supply chain network means protecting them is particularly challenging. Oil & Gas installations and storage facilities extend over large areas, often in remote and hostile regions and can encompass both onshore and offshore facilities, each with their own security risks.

Where pipelines run through sensitive areas or over long distances in remote, hostile territory, conventional monitoring and protection methods can be stretched beyond effective limits.

The Westminster Acoustic Fibre Optic Pipeline Security System (AFOPSS) is designed to protect gas, oil and other utility pipeline distribution networks and their remote facilities by providing an early warning of leaks, illegal taps, excavations and intruders which could pose a potential threat.

It is therefore sensible to take a holistic view of the security threats facing the entire network and design security solutions to limit risk accordingly, paying particular attention to areas of high risk, such as terminals or where pipelines converge, where an attack can cause massive disruption to the entire infrastructure. Adequate security will ensure business continuity and avoid costly disruptions with minimum recovery time.

We can provide expert Risk Analysis giving security guidance on Oil & Gas networks covering production plants, pipeline infrastructure, pumping stations, terminals and even shipping.

We have a wide range of specialist Fire and Security solutions for the protection of Oil & Gas production facilities including Intrinsically Safe detection and surveillance, Perimeter Security, Entry Control, Fire Detection and Suppression.

Offshore platforms offer unique security risks, we have a wide range of solutions such as Marine Radar and Sonar Detection, Floating Barriers, Diver Disruption Systems, Fast Craft Detection, Autonomous Underwater Surveillance, together with other security measures, such as, Scanning and Screening Systems for people and baggage arriving on the platform and Persons On-board Monitoring (POB), etc.

Pipeline networks are particularly vulnerable and the protection of both land based and sub-aqua pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action is a high priority in all countries, particularly in times of heightened tension and reliance on energy but until now this has been notoriously difficult to achieve effectively.

We have a range of advanced pipeline detection solutions for the protection of entire pipeline networks be they below ground, above ground or under water (sub-aqua), capable of detecting any 3rd party activity (TPI) or leaks whatever the cause. The systems are capable of protecting thousands of kilometres of pipeline in one seamless integrated solution and can be interfaced with other systems to provide a common Control and Command system covering the whole infrastructure.

Pipelines from offshore facilities or running between land masses are uniquely vulnerable to covert attack from divers or submersibles. We can supply a range of advanced sub-aqua Sonar and Diver Disruption Systems which can be installed at strategic positions along the pipeline and which are capable of detecting and tracking any approaching diver.

Oil and Gas supply vessels are also at risk from hijack or terrorist attack, we can supply advanced Tracking and Surveillance systems, as well as specialised systems to deter piracy and illegal boarding, such as Acoustic Disruption Systems. We can also provide highly trained protection teams to escort and protect such vessels in risk areas.

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