Police & Law Enforcement Security

Police and Law Enforcement agencies are at the forefront of any nation’s endeavours to keep its citizens, property and infrastructure safe from loss or harm.


It is vital that the Police and Law Enforcement agencies are adequately equipped to deal with a diverse range of incidents, emergencies and crimes.

They are also in the front line in the fight against international terrorism and need to be provided with advanced intelligence gathering and technological equipment to detect and defeat such threats before serious loss occurs.

An increasing trend in many parts of the world is attacks against officers with knives, bricks, bottles or firearms, and Governments, Police authorities and Law Enforcement agencies have a duty of care to ensure officers are adequately equipped with suitable equipment to protect them.

We can provide a range of Protective Equipment for police personnel, including Anti-Stab and Bullet-proof Body Armour, Riot Shields, Batons, etc. In the event of having to police a large number of people, we can provide Riot Control Vehicles and Rapid Deployment Barriers in order to provide a quick and secure method of containment.

Surveillance of individuals and groups suspected of being involved in criminal activity is an essential element of modern policing. With the advent of advanced CCTV surveillance systems the police have a far more reliable tool to aid detection and conviction. However, CCTV can only be truly effective when set-up correctly and footage can be reliably accessed, stored and processed.

Town and city-wide Surveillance systems are now becoming an accepted feature around the world with citizens welcoming the additional security and protection provided by such systems. Westminster has extensive experience in the provision of complex systems of this nature, including the provision of transmission networks and the construction and operation of Control & Command systems.

Network-based analysis of large-scale CCTV systems can also be deployed to track movement of people and vehicles, utilising advanced technologies such as Video Analytics and Auto-Number Plate Recognition systems.

Communication Interception of GSM/Mobile devices, telephones, internet and fax machines is now widely deployed by Law Enforcement agencies for monitoring suspects and organised crime. To assist monitoring and crime prevention, a range of Surveillance Equipment, Tracking Systems and Interception Systems are available together with the wide range of intelligence gathering solutions we can provide recognised and bona-fide Police and Law Enforcement agencies.

Tracking Systems can be rapidly and covertly deployed on vehicles, containers and even sown into clothing for personal tracking of suspects or undercover operatives worldwide.

Westminster can supply a wide range of Scanning and Detection equipment to court rooms, Police stations, Law Enforcement agencies, Government facilities, Schools and Hospitals, etc; which are increasingly required to counter threats in such establishments.

We also offers a range of specialist and bespoke Blast Protection Systems to protect vehicles from ballistic and mine threats, as well as systems to provide Blast Protection to walls, rooms and even machinery, etc. We also provides Training Programmes relating to a range of security and safety skills, including those related to Explosive Devices.

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