Prison & Detention Centres Security

Prisons and Detention Centres offer a unique security environment in that security is required to not only prevent unauthorised access but also, more importantly, to prevent violent confrontations, criminal activity, smuggling or escape from within.


Because of this it is of paramount importance for staff, detainees and visitors be provided with the most reliable and effective security measures possible.

Due to the large amount of time prisoners spend confined to one place, grievances will often build up until they are unleashed through violent attacks against individuals or large scale riots.

The likelihood of violent reprisals following these incidents mean that staff have to be able to quickly restore order to minimise the risk to everyone within the facility.

The external integrity of correctional facilities must be maintained at all times to prevent those incarcerated from escaping, or external accomplices from providing an escape route for them.

Drugs and weapons are highly sought after by many incarcerated people and the traffic of them both within the imprisoned population and from outside must be prevented.

We can provide a range of effective Perimeter Security Fencing, Gates & Barriers, Turnstiles and Access & Entry Control solutions to control the flow of people moving in and out of the premises, as well as within facilities themselves. Those moving within and around the facility can be closely monitored using a wide range of Surveillance systems. Any physical breach of security will be identified by our Perimeter and Intruder Detection Systems, which allow for the rapid response of security personnel.

We can also provide a range of Protective Equipment for Prison & Detention Centre personnel, including Anti-Stab and Bullet-proof Body Armour, Riot Shields, Batons and Staff Protection Systems etc.

In the event of having to control a large number of people, we can also provide Riot Control Vehicles and Rapid Deployment Barriers in order to provide a quick and secure method of containment in external settings.

To restrict the flow of weapons and narcotics we can provide X-Ray Scanning, Walk Through Metal Detectors, Body & Orifice and Shoe Scanning solutions that allow all personnel entering and exiting the prison environment to be thoroughly screened for Weapons, Explosives and Narcotics.

Prisons and Detention Centres present special problems in terms of fire precautions; these have an added significance due to the high incidence of fires in prisons during times of unrest.

Westminster can provide a complete range of Fire Detection, Suppression and Threat & Evacuation solutions to ensure that staff, visitors and inmates are as safe as possible in the advent of a Fire or any other incident requiring evacuation.

Public Address Systems allow all inhabitants of correctional facilities to be provided with immediate, direct communication, whether general announcements and information, or emergency procedures.

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