Crime Detection, Prevention

Crime prevention is the deployment of various solutions in operational practices, physical barriers and technological equipment for preventing and reducing crime and criminal activities as well as deterring crime and criminals.

Crime detection normally falls into three distinguishable phases: the discovery that a crime has been committed, the identification of a suspect and the collection of sufficient evidence to indict the suspect before a court.

There are many of the technological solutions available for crime detection and prevention.

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WG Thief Detection Kit comprisesĀ a self-contained collection of the essential tools and invisible staining compounds a business would need to catch a employee thief, malicious prankster or vandal. Every business should own one of these.


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The WG Portable Security Briefcases and Containers are designed to combat loss and theft, available in a wide range of standard, customised or bespoke solutions.



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Aviation & Airport Security

  • Security screening operations
  • Access & Entry Control
  • X-Ray Scanning
  • Perimeter Security