Handheld Fever Detection

Fever Detection Hand Held devices 

These Hand Held devices are ideal for checking low numbers of people for increased body temperature.


Price excluding VAT & Shipping The WG 220 Handheld Infrared Fever Detection Thermometer is a compact, non-contact thermometer, specifically designed to safely take the body temperature of a person, regardless of room temperature. Due to its non-contact nature it is an ideal solution for testing body temperatures in virus fever outbreaks.


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The WG 020 Body Temperature Measurement Camera is equipped with a 160Ă—120 resolution thermal detector to detect the symptoms of Covid-19 Coronavirus, Ebola & Flu. The device can be rapidly deployed in places such as customs, airports, schools and hospitals for inspection and quarantine.


Note: These systems will only detect above normal body temperature that are typically associated with fevers, they will not detect early stages of infection.

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