Fire Beam Detection

Fire Beam Detection is an ideal solution for protecting large open buildings from fire, such as churches and warehouses etc.

Fire Beam Detectors are cost effective when compared with using point detection and suitable for heights way above the operating limits of conventional smoke detection.

There are important factors to consider when selecting and installing fire beam detectors.

The operational range of a standard beam detector is 100 metres with coverage up to 15 metres wide, covering 1,500 m2 with one pair of beam detectors.

The fire beam detector must be connected to its own zone on a conventional fire alarm panel or its own software zone on an analogue addressable control panel.

In the case of the latter a short circuit isolator will also be required as no zone can exceed 2,000 m2 under BS5839 part One:1988.

The next consideration must be sunlight, some fire beam detectors are “Solar Blind” using I.R. filters.

Other fire beam detectors are affected by sunlight pouring through roof lights into the beams I.R. receiver. In this case false alarms will often result at set times of the day and of course with seasonal fluctuation, low winter sun being a prime example.

Beam Detection example: Warehouses Fire beam detectors spanning 100m are prone to movement, steel framed buildings move.

This is a normal occurrence, but when trying to hit a target approximately 100mm x 100mm from 100m away even a few degrees of movement can cause problems.

Correct initial alignment is critical as is a solid & secure fixing to structural steel or brickwork.

In many cases bracing and special bracketary may be required. Modern fire beam detectors now automatically realign theirselves.

Wiring is also critical particularly with loop driven devices where a clean earth is of paramount importance, this should be one of the first things checked when problems are evident.

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The WG Fire Beam Detector is a reflective optical beam smoke detector with a motorised head that can align itself when commissioning, and continually correct itself against building movement. An ideal Fire Detection solution for warehouses, churches any long and high buildings.  

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