Intruder Detection Systems

Security Intrusion Detection systems

Provide surveillance of buildings and premises and will detect the presence of unauthorised persons, notifying nominated persons such as security officers, security company, key holders or central alarm station etc.

The systems can range from a basic intruder detection alarm to a sophisticated multi-site integrated security  system encompassing Access Control with ID Badging, CCTV, Perimeter Detection, Fire Detection, Intruder alarms using a multitude of sensors, Water Leak Detection and many other systems.

These systems provide pulses Light, Sound and Fog to disorientate intruders:

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The WG Strobe Security Light System can be deployed as a stand-alone security system or it can be installed with the WG Intruder Security Sound System and/or the WG Intruder Security Fogging System. It provides bright pulses of blue and red to imitate police lighting to disorientate intruders.


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The WG Intruder Security Sound System provides high-intensity 127 dB of sound that will disorientate and confuse intruders forcing them to seek an exit.


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The WG Intruder Security Fog System on activation provides a dense fog into the protected area, almost instantaneously leaving the entire area visually impenetrable and stopping criminals in their tracks

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