Radioactive Materials Detection

Radioactive materials are used in commercial, industrial , medical and military applications throughout the world. Unfortunately in many countries there is a lack of regulatory and security controls making them a potential target for stealing by terrorists for construction of dirty bombs.

The detection of concealed radioactive materials at airports, sea ports and border crossings is therefore imperative for governments to prevent radioactive materials entering the country.

Westminster can provide a range of Radiation detection solutions.

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The WG Radiation Detection Portal provides fast and accurate radiation detection and classification of sources in vehicles and sea freight containers.


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The WG Handheld Radioisotope Identifier uses advanced algorithms to enhance the performance of the gamma detection system and there is also an optional neutron detector is 3He-free, employing 6Li:ZnS technology to achieve class leading handheld sensitivity.

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Aviation & Airport Security

  • Security screening operations
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  • X-Ray Scanning
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