Railway Security and Safety

Theft of copper cables is costing national rail network operators hundreds of millions annually with service disruption and repair costs, the damage also causes potential safety issues to both staff and passengers. Even the theft of a small amount of copper cable can have the most serious effect causing railway control centres to crash.

Surveillance security solutions such as CCTV are too expensive to cover anything but the most vulnerable stretches and even when they are deployed, thieves simply shift their attention to the non-monitored areas.

The failure of rail track and points occurring on a railway system can also have disastrous consequences potentially causing train derailments and loss of life.

Accidents often occur at remote non-monitored railway crossings were persons or vehicles ignore the barriers and warning lights when a train is about to pass or in some cases where the barriers and warning lights have failed.

Westminster can provide a solution for the detection of intruders interfering with rail track cabling, together with monitoring of facilities perimeter intrusion, railway points monitoring, rail condition monitoring, level crossing monitoring and rolling stock wheel flat spot detection.

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The WG Railways Security Protection System (RSPS) provides a solution for the detection of intruders interfering with rail track cabling that is both passive and undetectable.

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