Binoculars and Night Vision Goggles and Monoculars

Westminster can supply a range of Binoculars and Night Vision Goggles, Monoculars & Oculars for use by Armed Forces,  Police Forces, Security officers and civilian use such as wildlife observers.

They allow the user to be able to see images in varying levels of light to complete darkness.

Thermal Night Vision devices use an IR image intensifier tube that is enclosed in a protective casing, they can be used hand held, helmet mounted, head mounted or tripod mounted applications.

Some devices are available with optional adaptors for attaching instantly to camcorders, DSLR cameras and CCTV cameras for total darkness surveillance.

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The WG PNG-M Night Vision Goggle system is a compact ultra lightweight, high-resolution twin eyepiece device incorporating superior optics. The unit is supplied with a head mount complete with auto off / auto on flip up capability and is easy to use, requiring only one standard “AA” size battery.


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The WG Thermal Imaging Monocular is designed, developed and manufactured in Britain to ISO 9001 quality levels, It is probably the world’s smallest and lightest thermal imaging monocular. Usable as hand held, helmet mounted, head mounted or tripod mounted, the unit is extremely versatile.  


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The WG E8 X 42RM Military Binoculars have been designed to meet the requirements of the modern fighting professional. Whether in urban, jungle, desert or sea environments they are designed to give a clarity and brightness offering real benefits with a sizeable weight reduction from current in service alternatives.

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Aviation & Airport Security

  • Security screening operations
  • Access & Entry Control
  • X-Ray Scanning
  • Perimeter Security